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First Vice Commander's Page - John Minnella

1820 East 17th Street, Santa Ana, California 92705-8604.  
Telephone: 714/543-9005; Facsimile: 714/542-2495.
drjminnella@yahoo.com or minnellalaw@sbcglobal.net




 All District 29 Post Commanders, First Vice Commanders, and Adjutants

 10:00 AM, Saturday, December 2, 2017
at Orange Post 132

 The latest Membership Standings for the Department have just been released. Of the 6 Areas of the Department of California, our Area 5 is only number 4; and of the 30 districts within the Department of California, we are a dismal number 14. Our District membership goal standing is just 58.67 percent of the 2018 goal. By this time last year, we were at 70.61 percent of the 2017 goal.

The mandate assigned me by the Bylaws and your election of me to this position is to develop our membership. I have taken that mandate seriously. I have vowed to develop our membership in at least three ways: by our formal, annual Revitalization drive during the Spring; by seeking Post 1000 general members immediately; and by member recruitment from the local community.

To these ends and with the District Commander’s approval, I have convoked a Membership Development Roundtable for 10:00 AM sharp on Saturday, December 2, 2017, in the basement Clubroom of Orange Post 132, 143 South Lemon Street, Orange 92863. I believe the meeting should be no more than 2 hours.

This is NOT the Revitalization. It is an attempt to stimulate all of us to explore and exchange creative methods and experiences to recruit new members and to substantially increase our membership standing for our mutual benefit and the long-term survival of the Legion. Hopefully, it can become an annual event. Please have your First Vice Commander or whomever is your main membership development person attend. Please also have the attendee(s) bring their any ideas, experience and materials regarding how and where we can recruit eligible new members and be prepared to share those ideas, experiences and materials with the group.

For further information, contact me 24/7 at 714/543-9005 or by email at drjminnella@yahoo.com.


New Membership Transmittal Process

Membership Transmittal and Per-Capita Payment Page

  • Click on the link above to open the Membership Transmittal Form.
  • Enter the member's information in the labeled spaces.  (Last name and Membership Number)
  • Scroll to the bottom of the last page.  Click Next.  (You will see a summary of your transmittal)
  • Click on the "Submit Form" button on the bottom right of the page.
    •  The form will is submitted and you will receive a confirmation email at the email address you entered on the form.  The email will contain all the information you entered.
  • The Online Payment Page will open after you have clicked on the "Submit Form" button.
    • You may use PayPal or a Credit Card.  The amount will be automatically calculated and is located on top of the page.
    • You can print or save your receipt by "right clicking" on the mouse and selecting "save as" or "print."
    • If you choose to pay by check, simply close the page
  • Package the cards in alphabetical order. Do not include a copy of the transmittal form. We only need the cards when you use this automated transmittal form. 
    • The cards will fit in a #11 envelope. Do Not Bend or Fold.
    • If paying by check, enclose the check with the cards.
    • Send only the two (2) part cards to the department. Do not include a copy of the transmittal form. We only need the cards if you use this automated form.
  • Remember *Enclose your payment with the cards if you did not pay online.*

*** Your transmittal will be processed upon the arrival of your payment and cards. ***



    Membership reports are sent each Friday evening  after the Fall DEC and ending in June when our database is reset.  The reports end in June because the reset removes the goals formulas.  We manually reset them after the July membership meeting in Indy and the new membership goals are set at our Fall DEC.

      The Membership Transmittal Process:

  • Membership cards are received at department
  • The cards are manually verified against the names and numbers on the transmittal form
  • The cards are separated
  • The cards are packaged weekly and shipped to Indianapolis for their processing
  • Friday morning National sends an electronic Zip file with the data processed the previous week
  • The Zip file is downloaded, then uploaded to our server to updated the records
  • The membership report is run and saved as a PDF.
  • The PDF is sent to me and placed in the weekly email to the Membership Team, District Commanders, District 1st Vice Commanders, District Adjutants, Area Vice Commanders and DEC Officers.

    The Timeline:

  • Cards received and processed at department = 3-5 days (depending on volume)
  • Cards mailed transit time = 3-5 days
  • Cards processed by National = 7-14 days
  • National updates data = 1-2 days
  • Total processing time before the member reflects on the weekly report 10-20 days
  • NOTE:  If a card is damaged or written on, it must be processed manually.  It will be entered on the download until it is manually entered by National.  Hence, it won't count until then.

    Cut Off Dates and Target Dates:

  • "Cut Off Dates" are the dates that trigger a delinquent notice being sent to the member if the member has not been transmitted.  These are generated by National.  Department has no influence or control over this process.  It is automatic.
  • "Target Dates" are end dates membership transmittals will be counted toward any of the goals for awards such as Early Bird.
  • To meet "Target Dates" we frequently ship overnight at a large expense to help you hit the goals.

    Serious Problems:

  • Membership Dues are NOT being transmitted.
  • Article V, Section 15, reads in part:  Posts will pay the State and National per capita tax in full for the year out of the first (1st) money received from its Members on or before the tenth (10th) of the month following its receipt.
  • Last Year nearly 100 members from California sent complaints to National because they paid their dues, had their cards, but they were not transmitted by their Post.  Even after they contacted their Post.  This must stop.
  • To help solve this problem a complaint form has been developed and will be available on our website so members can report the problem.  The reports will be forwarded to the District Commanders.
  • Failures to transmit harms the Post, Department and National.

There have been recent changes to the way membership renewals and transfers are processed.  

Please watch the video if you want to know more about membership and membership revitalzation program.


Post and district direct mail by Paul Brown

District 29 Membership Revitalization and Retention Seminar - Coming this January

District 29's Fall 2017 Post Membership Revitalization and Retention Seminar is still being coordinated.  The date and place of which are still to be decided will be announced once it has been finalized and confirmed.

Post officers should keep checking here for updated information.

In the meantime at the post level, you and members of your post can work Post 1000 members in your area all year long.  You don't have to wait until the district conducts a membership revitalization.  All you need to do is register on mylegion.org if you haven't already and do a search for Post 1000 members in your local area to contact.  You can send a letter, call, or if an email address is provided, you can send an email asking if he/she would like to transfer to a local post.  If you need help, please feel free to contact me and I will try to assist you as best as possible.