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Orange County District 29 Disaster & Emergency Services


We have an opportunity to serve our communities in time of Disasters with help from the Orange County Health Care Agency.  Jeremy Harris, from the OCHA Health Disaster Management and fellow Legionnaire, described the program as follows:

              Under the Disaster and Emergency Services Commission signed in 2005, The American Legion was tasked with the mission to provide disaster preparedness and response activities at the local level.  I know that the ability to stand up such a response is difficult for many posts due to availability of funds, training and resources.  The County of Orange, Health Care Agency is able to help. 

Currently the Health Disaster Management unit has 25 Alternate Care Site Caches available for deployment to sites such as yours.  Each cache can support up to 25 people and assists your community during times of disaster.  The usage of the items in the cache are entirely at the posts discretion, however must be maintained and stored onsite in the event of a regional or local disaster.  There is no cost to these items, nor is there a requirement that Legion Members would have to work positions per the County.    We would only need someone to open the door for responders which could include the Medical Reserve Corps, Citizen Corps, American Red Cross, Social Services Agency and Health Care Agency staff.  We however welcome all Legionnaires who are willing to help and encourage this as an opportunity to stand up as a community program as part of the American Legion Mission and the post’s non-profit status.    

If you are interests in participating within your community, please contact Jeremy Harris (USMC) at: jharris@ochca.comTraining, Exercise and Planning Coordinator Health Disaster Management, Direct: 714-560-6190, Mobile: 714-483-0167

Please keep me in the loop.  This would be a great outreach to your communities.